Zac – Dusk

Zac is a 13-year-old boy living in one of the toughest council estates in Brighton. He lives with his mother, a young black woman whom due to alcohol, drugs and her own desires is a somewhat negligent mother.

Zac, as a result of his mother's behaviour faces numerous challenges in life that include being bullied at school. Despite all his personal challenges. Zac recognises the plight of the least fortunate in society as being far greater than his own and attempts to do what he can to help improve their lot.

Zac dusk takes you through the journey of Zac's teen years and into early adulthood. These early years see Zac tackling many challenges. After he runs away from home, learns how to survive in a big city, how he deals with the death of his mother, falling in love with his teen sweetheart and then his own betrayal of her. Despite all the turmoil in Zac's life. He still strives to make a difference to the less fortunate, sometimes with modest success other times with messy results. The burning question is, can one boy really make a difference?