The University of Hertfordshire

I applied to be a mature student at the University of Hertfordshire business School in 1992 and was accepted on the basis of my financial planning exams, exempting me from the need to have met the normal A-level requirements which were exceptionally high due to the demand for the course. In October I began my freshers fortnight and began three of the most enjoyable years of my life. At 27 I had already lived a lot, experienced a lot and met a diverse range of people from all walks of life.

I knew why I was at University, or so I thought to further my business career, I found the study modules lectures and tutorials all challenging yet rewarding.

After 11 years of work I had the self-discipline that many younger students lacked to get up in the morning, attend lectures, and complete assignments on time, all pretty much within a 9-to-5 day. With so much spare time on my hands, I found I had a great amount of time for socialising and getting to know other students as well as university staff and lecturers. I became my course representative to the University, student union bar Chef and Barman as well  as a Hall's warden looking after the welfare of some 50+ younger students in their first year. In my second year I joined forces with one of the caretakers to run a late-night burger joint outside of the student union bar for those all so essential late night food to soak up copious pints of snakebite and black.
I left university knowing a few things. One, I had no desire to ever work in financial services again amongst greedy and avaricious people, and that I wanted to do something more meaningful and worthwhile with my life than just make money, not long after completing my degree, I found myself training to be a business studies, economics and maths teacher.