My First Novel


Before writing my first novel Zac there were at least eight or nine aborted attempts at writing a novel over the previous 10 years. Over the years I had written many marketing and sales documents and reports with quite a few people saying to me, why don't you write, so eventually

I began making attempts at starting a novel with different ideas. I would write three or four chapters and read back what I'd written. Think about the story and where it was going and come to the conclusion that it was going absolutely nowhere other than the waste bin.

About five years ago during the last recession I found myself sitting at my desk at home with little work to do and an idea of the story about a boy who, despite his own challenging start in life was more concerned about the plight of others than he was about himself, not a perfect boy, not an angel, but nonetheless someone that really cared about others and the human race as a whole and quite rapidly. The first 20 or 30,000 words were written and I was reading this back thinking, yeah, this may be is a story that can go somewhere and so I have fashioned what I believe is a 21st-century fable about a young boy that goes through some rather dramatic and challenging events in his life as he moves from being a young teenager through to being a young man, and yet at the same time, he has a burning desire to make a difference and see if he can make the world a better place for the less fortunate.

I regard Zac dusk as a fable of the 21st-century that explores the human condition and begs that age-old question. Can one person really make a difference, as is the tradition with any fable. It is hopefully an entertaining story that will appeal to many, and with the moral message that hopefully will be heard by those that need to hear it