My First Business

After leaving teaching and a three month break of sickness, I took a sales position as a regional sales manager with a well funded start-up selling a new online recruitment solution to the UK schools market.

I took my usual approach to market which needless to say, was doing everything differently to the way my contemporaries were operating and once again achieved outstanding results. This is not to say I am some amazing salesperson. I just perhaps view the world a little differently from others and where many see problems I see solutions that said, I am often very good at creating my own problems and I parted ways with this company and set up my first business. The Teacher Recruitment Company, which was an online job board for teachers not only in the UK but worldwide.

I spent much of two years working in a small bedroom that I turned into an office, selling advertising space on my site to those that wish to position themselves in front of teachers attracting teachers to the site through achieving high Google rankings for terms such as teaching jobs, the site eventually rose to number seven in Google's organic search results. I also spent a lot of time selling to education recruitment agencies and English-speaking schools around the world. For a couple of years, I made some very good money, considering it was a small start-up with limited funding. As is often the way in life, what goes up must come down, and as my relationship came to an abrupt end. So did this business.