Becoming the Boss

After licking my wounds for a couple of months, my life slightly in tatters. I was now single and penniless, not the first time I found myself in this position and maybe not the last. I think the strange thing is, I enjoy the climb , but I'm not so good at anticipating the fall.

If I were, I might be able to avoided it altogether. As I was saying after a couple of months of licking my wounds, I began to look for employment and applied online for an interesting sounding position as a sales manager at a rather prestigious executive search company. I was invited to interview and drove the 64 miles from my house, I pulled up in my car outside the impressive -looking modern building on a business park not far from East Midlands airport. I was then subjected to 3 hours of some of the most intense and interrogative interviewing I had ever experienced. This was from both the CEO and Operations Director. I left that interview, thinking I had no chance, only to get home and find an email waiting for me, inviting me to the second interview at which I was to present a presentation on how I thought I could develop the company's sales. This was to be presented to the board and senior management of the company.

After joining the company I soon discovered, all was not as it seemed, and there were many issues to be resolved to cut a five-year long story short, within six months. I was promoted to being the commercial director within 18 months, the managing director and then eventually to Chief Executive Officer. What was really interesting and enjoyable about this period of time were the 40 executive search franchisees that I got to know as individuals and the 140 management consultants. I worked with the staff in the four new offices of the recruitment business that I built until unfortunately we hit a brick wall in 2008 with the credit crunch and by the end of 2008 I completed a trade sale of the company to a larger competitor making myself redundant in the process.
It is a good job that I have never taken myself too seriously, neither status or wealth particularly interest me. There were many occasions that I have been driving along a motorway in some expensive company car and I have looked in the mirror and laughed out loud and asked myself "How the hell did you get here?"