My Home Town


Growing up in Brighton

I was born in Brighton General Hospital on the 2nd February 1965. My home was in Portslade, I lived in a small terraced house in a family of six and I was the youngest of four children. The house at the time did not seem small to me, but I guess that is the perspective of all small children.

My bedroom was the box room of the three bedrooms in the house and for me it was a magical place where on wet rainy weekends I would read book after book, that was in between turning the small formica topped table in my bedroom on its side, where underneath I had drawn my spaceship controls and where I would sit between the table legs imagining my long journeys and adventures in space

The winters seemed extremely cold when I was a child and I remember being forced to wear a woollen balaclava knitted by my mother and equally forced to eat ready brek before proceeding on the long walk to my primary school. Benfield primary in Portslade, often the playing ground of the school would be a frozen ice rink in the mornings, which some children seem to revel in sliding agilely from one side of the playground to the other. Unfortunately, I was not born with such great coordination and would spend large amounts of time falling over and hurting myself..

My grandmother lived near the seafront in Hove in a small block of flats I would often visit her after school and then walk along the seafront. I always felt exhilarated and alive with the sound of the waves and the noise the pebbles made as I walked across the beach. There were so many interesting things to look at and engage with along the seafront from the pedal boats on the lake to the crazy golf to the arcade swimming pool and the tenpin bowling alley, everything felt big alive and exciting, and everything seemed possible.