A Great Idea

After 18 December 2008 when I signed the contract for the sale of the company. It had been one of the most stressful years of my life constantly juggling the finances, keeping

the remaining staff motivated, whilst trying to survive having given myself an 80% pay cut. The relief despite effectively making myself redundant was enormous. If I was capable of it. I could have done cartwheels out of the solicitors offices.

I began working as a self-employed consultant in the recruitment industry doing search engine optimisation, something I developed a knowledge of over the past decade. I had a working relationship with a job aggregator that was handling around 350,000 vacancies on their website at any time, and I had the bright idea of reverse aggregating the job vacancies into individual market websites, of which we built 54 covering everything from accountancy, banking, hospitality, catering, teaching and so on, for three years it worked very well, generating a good income for both myself and my technical partner's at the aggregation company. Unfortunately, in 2011, there was a substantial change made to Google's algorithm, which eliminated the majority of our traffic and revenue by the end of 2011, I was again broke and at the end of another failed relationship.
Finding a new position when you have CEO on your CV and in the middle of one of the worst recessions in UK history is pretty tough. After nine months of trying. I finally secured a position in London as a salesperson in digital media. I was now living in a shared flat in Lewisham and commuting to near London Bridge at 48 years of age working in a similar role to that which I had been in in my early 20s on a fairly low income and living in a shared flat for the first time in my life was bit of a shock to the system. But I quickly made new friends and began to really enjoy life in London previously when I had been looking for a job I had begun writing my first novel Zac, now known as Zac Dusk, between working, socialising and dating my attempts to continue writing were sporadic to say the least.
After a short period of time. I was headhunted to a higher paid senior business development managers role and then in 2014, I took a position as UK Sales Director for an educational travel company in 2016 with the results of terrorism in northern Europe and BREXIT . The American parent company I was working for, decided to make me redundant. Don't get me wrong, I have never felt sorry for myself, for me the downs seemed to come as naturally as the ups in life and each change brings about opportunity to learn more about yourself and life and other people. I am now enjoying taking time out to finally finish my first novel with the ambition of taking a lifetime's experience formed in so many locations across a variety of work roles and industries and having literally met and known well over 1000 people. I hope to be able to write stories that entertain challenge motivate, inspire and give pleasure to as many people as possible